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Virginia: Water

The Department of Environmental Quality proposed amendments to regulations governing local and regional water supply planning. The amendments would, among other things, establish regional planning areas, identify the particular regional planning area in which each locality will participate, identify a procedure for localities to request a change to the locality's planning area, and require localities to invite stakeholder groups to participate in coordinated resource planning.

Virginia: Water

The State Water Control Board proposed to amend and reissue the Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) general permit regulation for discharges of stormwater associated with industrial activity, as well as the VPDES general permit regulation for nonmetallic mineral mining. A hearing will be held June 26, 2023.

Utah: Water

The Department of Natural Resources proposed amendments to regulations governing water conservation requirements and incentives. The amendments would revise definitions, refine directives governing the Division of Water Resources' administration of the existing lawn conversion incentive program, and establish directives for a new program authorizing the Division to award grants to eligible water conservancy districts to augment financial incentives provided through their respective lawn conversion incentive programs.

South Carolina: Energy

The Department of Health and Environmental Control proposed amendments to its regulations governing radioactive materials. The amendments would add new references for accuracy and update event conditions to reduce specific requirements. A hearing will be held October 12, 2023.

North Carolina: Water

The Department of Environmental Quality proposed to readopt, with amendments, its water sanitation regulations. The amendments would clarify existing language and align the regulation with current practices regarding the sanitation of water supplies in local confinement facilities. A hearing will be held July 6, 2023.

District of Columbia: Water

The Department of Energy and Environment proposed amendments to its water and sanitation regulations. The amendments would establish a local approval process to authorize the discharge of uncontaminated groundwater to the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) while maintaining compliance with the District’s MS4 NPDES permit, the CWA, and the District’s Water Pollution Control Act.

Vermont: Waste

The Agency of Natural Resource proposed amendments to its wastewater system and potable water supply regulations. The revisions would, among other things, update and clarify technical standards for wastewater systems. Hearings will be held June 26 and 27, 2023. Comments are due July 5, 2023. See