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89 FR 40477

DOE announced the availability of the preliminary list of potential national interest electric transmission corridors, the designation of which would focus public and policymaker attention on the areas of greatest transmission need and unlock valuable federal financing and permitting tools to advance transmission development.

89 FR 39798

EPA finalized multiple actions under §111 of the CAA addressing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fossil fuel-fired electric generating units (EGUs), including the repeal of the Affordable Clean Energy Rule, emission guidelines for GHG emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired steam generating EGUs, and revisions to the new source performance standards for GHG emissions from new and reconstructed fossil fuel-fired stationary combustion turbine EGUs. 

89 FR 40308

BLM finalized a rule that applies land health standards to all Bureau-managed public lands and uses, codifies conservation tools to be used within FLPMA's multiple-use framework, revises existing regulations concerning designation and protection of areas of critical environmental concern, and provides an overarching framework to facilitate ecosystem resilience on public lands. 

89 FR 40198

EPA finalized a CWA regulation to revise the technology-based effluent limitations guidelines and standards for the steam electric power generating point source category applicable to flue gas desulfurization wastewater, bottom ash transport water and legacy wastewater at existing sources, and combustion residual leachate at new and existing sources. 

89 FR 38712

EPA updated the regulatory framework governing the management and protection of environmental, fish and wildlife, other surface resources, and special areas in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.

89 FR 39304

EPA finalized technology reviews conducted for NESHAPs for gasoline distribution facilities and the review of new source performance standards for bulk gasoline terminals. 

89 FR 39254

EPA finalized a rule to address the unreasonable risk of injury to health presented by methylene chloride under its conditions of use under TSCA. 

89 FR 39124

EPA designated two per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), including their salts and structural isomersas hazardous substances under CERCLA. 

89 FR 38950

EPA established requirements for legacy coal combustion residuals (CCR) surface impoundments, as well as CCR management units at active CCR facilities and at inactive CCR facilities with a legacy CCR surface impoundment. 

89 FR 38873

NMFS announced the initiation of a five-year review for the non-U.S. distinct population segment of smalltooth sawfish under the ESA.