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Volume 52, Issue 33

52 ELR 20126
No(s). 21-1162 (D.C. Cir. Nov 15, 2022)

The D.C. Circuit dismissed a petition to review NRC's decision to issue an amended materials license authorizing uranium production for a DOE demonstration program at a facility in Ohio.

Atomic Energy Act (AEA)
52 ELR 20127
No(s). 19-cv-05206-JST (N.D. Cal. Nov 16, 2022)

In an amended order, a district court granted FWS' and NMFS' motion to voluntarily remand a series of regulations enacted by the Trump Administration that modified how the Services implement the ESA.

Endangered Species Act (ESA)
52 ELR 20124
No(s). 20-1932 (TJK) (D.D.C. Nov 12, 2022)

A district court granted the District of Columbia's motion to remand to state court a consumer protection lawsuit against energy companies.

52 ELR 20125
No(s). 22-cv-141 (DLF) (D.D.C. Nov 14, 2022)

A district court granted DOD's motion to dismiss a challenge to its decision to halt fence construction along the U.S.-Mexico border in response to President Biden's proclamation declaring an end to the national border emergency.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA)
52 ELR 20128
No(s). 18-112 (JEB) (D.D.C. Nov 17, 2022)

A district court granted in part and denied in part conservation groups' motion for an order on remedy after it invalidated NMFS' 2021 biological opinion (BiOp) and final rule as related to the U.S. lobster fishery.