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88 FR 83368

FWS announced findings that the following seven species are not warranted for listing as endangered or threatened species under the ESA: Edison's ascyrum, Florida (lowland) loosestrife, Florida pinesnake, mimic cavesnail, northern cavefish, smallscale darter, and Texas troglobitic water slater.

88 FR 83073

The Forest Service proposed to establish a new Forest Service Manual chapter and new direction for all types of monitoring activities across the National Forest System to track conditions and inform evidence-based decisionmaking and adaptive management.

88 FR 83151

United States v. Ingredion Inc., No. 23-2111 (S.D. Ind. Nov. 21, 2023). Under a proposed consent decree, a settling CAA defendant that allegedly violated emissions limits and operation and monitoring requirements of its air permits for a wet corn mill facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, must, among other things, pay a $1,139,600 civil penalty, install and operate new equipment to meet particulate matter limits that are lower than the facility's current permitted limits, implement a modernized compliance management system to address repeated operation and monitoring failures at the facility, and contribute $560,400 to the state of Indiana to support brownfields redevelopment in and around Marion County, Indiana.

88 FR 83151

United States v. Electron Hydro, LLC, No. 2:20-CV-1746-JCC (W.D. Wash. Nov. 20, 2023). Under a proposed consent decree, settling CWA defendants whose construction activity at a hydroelectric facility on the Puyallup River in Pierce County, Washington, allegedly involved illegal discharges into waters of the United States and violations of Army Corps of Engineers and state of Washington permits must pay a $1.025 million civil penalty, conduct surveys of stretches of the Puyallup River to recover discharged materials, implement best management practices at the construction site, hire a separate firm to review upcoming permit application materials, and place a 72-acre parcel of land into conservation in perpetuity.

88 FR 83144

FWS announced the availability of a draft addendum to the Federal Land Managers' Air Quality Related Values Work Group's Phase 1 Report that includes a provision related to temporary emissions.

88 FR 83036

SIP Approval: New Jersey (exemptions to improve resiliency during emergency situations, updates to hazardous air pollutant reporting thresholds, updates to certification and submission of emission statements, and addition of federal new source review requirements for fine particles).

88 FR 83034

SIP Approval: California (emissions of particulate matter from wood burning devices in the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District).

88 FR 83062

SIP Proposal: Florida (miscellaneous changes).

88 FR 83120

All 10 EPA regions seek comment on the draft 2026 NPDES pesticide general permit, which covers point source discharges from the application of pesticides to waters of the United States.

88 FR 83101

NOAA and EPA seek comment on the proposed finding that Indiana has satisfied all conditions the agencies established as part of their 2008 approval of the state's coastal nonpoint pollution control program.