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89 FR 50543

SIP Proposal: Nevada (revisions concerning particulate matter emissions from woodburning devices in Washoe County).

89 FR 51134

EPA proposed to address the unreasonable risk of injury to human health presented by n-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) under its conditions of use as documented in the Agency's risk evaluation and risk determination for NMP pursuant to TSCA.

89 FR 50325

EPA announced the availability of acute freshwater aquatic life screening values for 6PPD and its transformation product 6PPD-quinone. 

89 FR 50410

EPA established requirements for commercial refrigerating appliances and commercial ice machines, safe use of flammable refrigerants, and safe design, construction, installation, and operation of refrigeration systems; and listed several substitutes as acceptable for retail food refrigeration, commercial ice machines, industrial process refrigeration, cold storage warehouses, and ice skating rinks, pursuant to the Agency's significant new alternatives policy program.

89 FR 50245

SIP Proposal: Arizona (partial approval and partial disapproval of revisions concerning implementation, maintenance, and enforcement of the 2012 fine particulate matter NAAQS).

89 FR 50231

SIP Approval: West Virginia (second 10-year limited maintenance plans for the 2006 24-hour fine particulate matter NAAQS for the Charleston area and the West Virginia portion of the Steubenville-Weirton, Ohio-West Virginia area).

89 FR 50227

SIP Approval: North Carolina (updates to 2026 on-road and nonroad emissions inventories, safety margins, and motor vehicle emissions budgets). 

89 FR 49120

SIP Proposal: Michigan (removal of redundant definition for "used oil"). 

89 FR 49874

EPA designated one new equivalent method for measuring concentrations of ozone in ambient air.

89 FR 49815

SIP Approval: California (revisions to meet extreme area requirements for the 1997 eight-hour ozone NAAQS in the Riverside Co. nonattainment area).