Case Names and Citations for Volume 52

Select the Volume Year on the right to view the case names and citations that correspond to ELR citations found in the Subject Matter Indexes. The cases are organized by volume number, ELR--Litigation page numbers are at the left of the table.

Page Citation
20031 Food & Water Watch v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, No. 20-1132(D.C. Cir. Mar. 2022)
20032 Montana Wildlife Federation v. Bernhardt, No. CV-18-69-GF-BMM(D. Mont. Mar. 2022)
20033 Exxon Mobil Corp. v. Healey, No. 18-1170(2d Cir. Mar. 2022)
20034 Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges v. Haaland, No. 20-35721, 20-35727, and 20-35728(9th Cir. Mar. 2022)
20035 Louisiana v. Biden, No. 22-30087(5th Cir. Mar. 2022)
20036 California Chamber of Commerce v. Council for Education and Research on Toxics, No. 21-15745(9th Cir. Mar. 2022)
20037 Ohio v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 2:15-cv-2467(S.D. Ohio Mar. 2022)
20038 Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC v. 13.47 Acres of Land, No. 7:20-cv-135(W.D. Va. Mar. 2022)
20039 Oregon Natural Desert Ass'n v. Bushue, No. 3:19-cv-1550-SI(D. Or. Mar. 2022)
20040 PennEnvironment, Inc. v. United States Steel Corp., No. 19-484(W.D. Pa. Mar. 2022)
20041 Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. v. Coit, No. 20-cv-1150 (CRC)(D.D.C. Mar. 2022)
20042 350 Montana v. Haaland, No. 9:19-cv-00012- DWM(9th Cir. Apr. 2022)
20043 Louisiana v. American Rivers, No. 21A539(U.S. Apr. 2022)
20044 Mayor and City Council of Baltimore v. BP P.L.C., No. 19-1644(4th Cir. Apr. 2022)
20045 Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center v. Stanislaus National Forest, No. 19-16711(9th Cir. Apr. 2022)