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"Recent Journal Literature" lists law review and other legal periodical articles, including ELR articles, that may be relevant to your research. Choose from a list of keywords (on the left) to filter your search. Within subject matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author or title. Links are included to articles published in ELR only.

David Lazerwitz (moderator), Joshua Basofin, Ashley Conrad-Saydah, Roger Johnson, and Sue Kateley, The “Perfect Storm” for Renewable Energy: Policy Drivers and Decisionmaking, 41 ELR 10179 (2011)
Sara Kamins (moderator), Alice L. Harron, Arthur Haubenstock, Lisa Belenky, and Tom Starrs, Nuts and Bolts of Technology: Closer Look at Utility-Scale Solar Power, 41 ELR 10401 (2011)
Robert V. Percival, Environmental Law Goes Global: Taking Back Eden: Eight Environmental Cases That Changed the World, by Oliver A. Houck, 41 ELR 10194 (2011)
Neal McAliley, NEPA and Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 41 ELR 10197 (2011)
Hanspeter Walter, The Outer Limits of Endangered Species Act Liability—The ESA’s Indirect Effect Regulation and Its Application to Climate Change, 41 ELR 10204 (2011)
Oliver A. Houck , The Clean Water Act Returns (Again): Part I, TMDLs and the Chesapeake Bay, 41 ELR 10208 (2011)
Martin Nie, Place-Based National Forest Legislation and Agreements: Common Characteristics and Policy Recommendations, 41 ELR 10229 (2011)
James R. Farrell, The Future of the Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule, 41 ELR 10247 (2011)
Robert B. McKinstry Jr., The Clean Air Act: A Suitable Tool for Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change, 41 ELR 10301 (2011)
Scott H. Segal, New Source Performance Standards for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions From the Power and Refining Sectors: Wrong Mechanism at the Wrong Time, 41 ELR 10312 (2011)