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87 FR 56354

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement proposed to revise existing regulations for well control and blowout preventer systems that pertain to oil, gas, and sulfur operations in the outer continental shelf to clarify blowout preventer system requirements and to modify certain specific blowout preventer equipment capability requirements.

87 FR 45739

The Forest Service announced the availability of up to $1 billion in grant funding for the establishment of the Community Wildfire Defense Grant Program as appropriated under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

87 FR 36487

EPA and the U.S. International Boundary and Water Commission announced and seek comment on a draft programmatic EIS for the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Mitigation of Contaminated Transboundary Flows Project. 

87 FR 34234

The Forest Service seeks comment on the framework, focus, and direction of its wildfire crisis implementation plan associated with the Wildfire Crisis Strategy and specific provisions of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

87 FR 24851

The president issued Executive Order No. 14072, Strengthening the Nation's Forests, Communities, and Local Economies; among other things, the order directs federal agencies to inventory old-growth and mature forests on federal lands and develop policies to protect them from threats like wildfire and climate change, and to develop a federal goal for meeting agency-specific reforestation targets by 2030.

87 FR 4498

OSM approved an amendment to Missouri's coal mining regulations that reduced the volume of the regulations without reducing the program's requirements under SMCRA.

87 FR 1372

OSM announced the receipt of and seeks comment on a proposed amendment to the Montana regulatory program pertaining to ownership and control under SMCRA. 

86 FR 59019

OSM approved an amendment to the Wyoming abandoned mine land reclamation plan under SMCRA.

86 FR 59674

OSM announced a proposed regulatory and statutory amendment to the Wyoming coal program under SMCRA. 

86 FR 55757

CEQ proposed to modify aspects of its regulations for implementing the procedural provisions of NEPA to generally restore regulatory provisions that were in effect before modifications in 2020.