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Tom Mounteer, Obama Administration Efforts to Control Stationary Source Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Rulemaking, 41 ELR 11127 (2011)
Holli Brown, The Attack on Frack: New York’s Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing and Where It Stands in the Threat of Takings, 41 ELR 11146 (2011)
Curtis A. Moore, The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments: Failing the Acid Test, 34 ELR 10366 (2004)
Nicholas C. Yost and Gary Widman, The "Action-Forcing" Requirements of NEPA and Ongoing Actions of the Federal Government, 34 ELR 10435 (2004)
Jamison E. Colburn, The Future of Air Pollution Control in the Corporatist State, 34 ELR 10577 (2004)
Marybeth Bauer, Jessica Fox and Michael J. Bean, Landowners Bank on Conservation: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Guidance on Conservation Banking, 34 ELR 10717 (2004)
Edward A. Boling, Environmental Management Systems and NEPA: A Framework for Productive Harmony, 35 ELR 10022 (2005)
Marc L. Miller, The Paradox of U.S. Alien Species Law, 35 ELR 10179 (2005)
Robert E. Yuhnke, NEPA's Uncertainty Principle in the Federal Legal Scheme Controlling Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles, 35 ELR 10273 (2005)
John-Mark Stensvaag, Preventing Significant Deterioration Under the Clean Air Act: Baselines, Increments, and Ceilings--Part I, 35 ELR 10807 (2005)