Recent Federal Bills

Below are summaries of Bills Introduced, Committee Reports, Chamber Actions, and Public Laws reported in the most recent issue of ELR's Weekly Update.

would require CEQ to submit to Congress a report on the potential for online and digital technologies to address delays in reviews and improve public accessibility and transparency under NEPA.

would amend the Farm Credit Act of 1971 to support the commercial fishing industry.

would improve federal activities relating to wildfires.

would amend the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 to expand the national organic certification cost-share program into a comprehensive opportunities in organic program.

would provide for restoration, economic development, recreation, and conservation on federal lands in northern California.

would amend the National Trails System Act to designate the Benton MacKaye National Scenic Trail.

would establish a one-year moratorium on the enrollment of land in the conservation reserve program under the Food Security Act of 1985 and prohibit the enrollment of prime farmland in such program.

would amend the Apex Project, Nevada Land Transfer and Authorization Act of 1989 to include the city of North Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Apex Industrial Park Owners Association.

would provide for the equitable settlement of certain Indian land disputes regarding land in Illinois.

would require the Secretary of Agriculture to carry out a study and research and demonstration on agrivoltaic systems.