Case Names and Citations for Volume 53

Select the Volume Year on the right to view the case names and citations that correspond to ELR citations found in the Subject Matter Indexes. The cases are organized by volume number, ELR--Litigation page numbers are at the left of the table.

Page Citation
20091 Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges v. Haaland, No. 20-35721, 20-35727, and 20-35728(9th Cir. Jun. 2023)
20092 Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians of the Bad River Reservation v. Enbridge Energy Co., No. 19-cv-602-wmc(W.D. Wis. Jun. 2023)
20093 Maine Lobstermen's Ass'n v. National Marine Fisheries Service, No. 22-5238(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2023)
20094 Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International v. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 21-1251(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2023)
20095 Arizona v. Navajo Nation, No. 21-1484(U.S. Jun. 2023)
20096 MRP Properties Co., LLC v. United States, No. 22-1789(6th Cir. Jun. 2023)
20097 Alliance for the Wild Rockies v. Gassman, No. CV 21-105-M-DLC(D. Mont. Jun. 2023)
20098 Energy Policy Advocates v. United States Department of State, No. 1:19-cv-03307 (TNM)(D.D.C. Jun. 2023)
20099 Board of County Commissioners of Weld County v. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 21-1263(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2023)
20100 California v. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 21-1018(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2023)
20101 Charleston, City of v. Brabham Oil Co., No. 2:20-cv-03579-RMG(D.S.C. Jul. 2023)
20102 American Public Gas Ass'n v. United States Department of Energy, No. 22-1107(D.C. Cir. Jul. 2023)
20103 Missouri v. United States Department of Interior, No. 21-3408(8th Cir. Jul. 2023)
20104 Carson v. Monsanto Co., No. 21-10994(11th Cir. Jul. 2023)
20105 Center for Biological Diversity v. U.S. Department of the Interior, No. 21-4098(10th Cir. Jul. 2023)

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