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Rhode Island: Wildlife

The Department of Environmental Management will hold a public hearing to afford interested parties the opportunity for public comment on proposed amendments to the Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Regulations, including changes to the monkfish regulations relating to a monkfish fishery control date, amendments to the commercial fishing licensing regulations titled "Rules and Regulations Governing the Management of Marine Fisheries" regarding the inclusion of a monkfish fishery control date, and proposed maximum gauge sizes for the Area 3, 4, 5, and 6 lobster fisheries.

Texas: Water

The Texas Water Development Board seeks public comment on the proposed repeal of §§379.1 - 379.3, relating to Advisory Committees. Chapter 379 lists the Groundwater Availability Modeling (GAM) Technical Advisory Group as an advisory committee. Chapter 379 is no longer necessary because the GAM Technical Advisory Group is not an advisory committee under Texas Government Code §2110.0012. The Board currently has no advisory committees, and there is no state or federal law specifically creating or authorizing the creation of an advisory committee for the board. Comments are due May 11, 2008.