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75 FR 78932

The Agricultural Marketing Service proposed revisions to the Federal Seed Act to update regulations and to prevent potential conflicts with states.

76 FR 17488

EPA determined that hydrofluoroolefin-1234yf is an acceptable substitute for chlorofluorocarbon-12, an ozone-depleting substance, in motor vehicle air conditioning for new passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

76 FR 17288

EPA finalized revisions to its Protocol Gas Verification Program and the minimum competency requirements for air emissions testing.

76 FR 17028

EPA approved the Gila River Indian Community's tribal implementation plan to regulate air quality within the exterior boundaries of the tribe's reservation.

76 FR 15704

EPA promulgated new source performance standards and emission guidelines for commercial and industrial solid waste incineration units.

76 FR 15608

EPA established NESHAPs required for industrial/commercial/institutional boilers and process heaters at major sources

76 FR 15554

EPA promulgated NESHAPs for industrial boilers and commercial and institutional boilers at area sources.

76 FR 15372

EPA promulgated new source performance standards and emission guidelines for sewage sludge incineration units located at wastewater treatment facilities.

76 FR 14807

EPA amended certain NESHAP regulations for the Maricopa County air quality department in Arizona and the Santa Barbara County air pollution control district in California.

76 FR 13514

EPA stayed the requirement for chemical manufacturing area sources to comply with the Title V permit program during reconsideration of certain NESHAP provisions.