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Louisiana: Land use

The Department of Natural Resources adopted La. Admin. Code tit. 43:I, §723, Coastal Use Permit Extensions. The rule amends the Coastal Use Permit Extension rules with regard to the process for requesting an extension of the term to initiate a coastal use permit and the term to complete the use of a coastal use permit. pp. 2187-88.

Louisiana: Water

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) adopted La. Admin. Code tit. 43:I, §§700 and 723, Office of the Secretary Beneficial Use of Dredged Material. The rule governs the administration of the beneficial use of dredged material and sets forth the standards and procedures for the secretary of the DNR to implement the requirements and authorizations for beneficially using material dredged pursuant to a use or activity for which a coastal use permit is required.

Nevada: Air

The State Environmental Commission adopted amendments to Nev. Admin. Code §445B.3363, relating to air quality. The amendments revise provisions relating to applications for Class I operating permits to construct and Class I operating permits that are submitted by certain sources of air pollutants.

Minnesota: Governance

The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board will hold a series of public hearings on proposed amendments to rules governing the state's environmental review program. The amendments include a new mandatory environmental assessment worksheet, EIS and exemption categories for shoreland area development, and a new mandatory EIS category for releases of genetically engineered wild rice. Other amendments would streamline a variety of rules related to urban development projects and clarify the meaning of various rule provisions, such as the meaning of cumulative potential effects.