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76 FR 12923

EPA proposed final amendments to the NESHAPs for existing stationary spark ignition reciprocating internal combustion engines; see above for direct final rule.

76 FR 14299

NOAA-Fisheries codified the listing of the southern resident killer whale distinct population segment as an endangered species under the ESA.

76 FR 12564

FWS established regulations for seasons, harvest limits, methods, and means related to the taking of fish and shellfish for subsistence uses in Alaska during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 regulatory years.

76 FR 11086

FWS designated approximately 202 acres in Onslow and Pender Counties, North Carolina, as critical habitat for the golden sedge. 

76 FR 12857

OSM approved an amendment to Montana's regulatory program under SMCRA concerning letters of credit issued by banks.

76 FR 12852

OSM approved an amendment to Louisiana's regulatory program and abandoned mine land reclamation plan under SMCRA covering a wide range of provisions.

76 FR 12849

OSM approved an amendment to Kentucky's regulatory program under SMCRA pertaining to the disposal of coal mine waste.

76 FR 16534

EPA granted a petition submitted by Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group, Inc., to delist a certain solid waste generated at its Mt. Athos facility near Lynchburg, Virginia, from the lists of hazardous waste.

76 FR 15456

EPA identified which nonhazardous secondary materials are to be considered "solid wastes" under RCRA.

76 FR 12283

EPA approved revisions to Texas' hazardous waste management program.