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88 FR 67193

FWS proposed to establish a nonessential experimental population of the grizzly bear within the U.S. portion of the North Cascades Ecosystem in the state of Washington under §10(j) of the ESA.

88 FR 66351

FWS withdrew the proposed rule to reclassify the Virgin Islands tree boa from endangered to threatened under the ESA, based on new information received during the rule’s public comment periods.

88 FR 66280

FWS reclassified the relict darter from endangered to threatened under the ESA, and finalized a rule under §4(d) of the Act to provide for conservation of the species.

88 FR 65940

NMFS announced its 12-month finding on a petition to revise the critical habitat designation for the North Pacific right whale under the ESA.

88 FR 65748

The National Park Service announced its decision to request that the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia prepare a draft nomination for inclusion on the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization World Heritage List.

88 FR 65356

NMFS proposed to extend the current regionwide moratorium on the harvest of gold corals in the U.S. Pacific Islands through June 30, 2028, in order to prevent overfishing and stimulate research on the species.

88 FR 64870

FWS announced findings that delisting the southern sea otter is not warranted at this time, and that listing the Cascades frog, plains spotted skunk, sicklefin chub, sturgeon chub, Tennessee cave salamander, and Yazoo crayfish as endangered or threatened species under the ESA is not warranted at this time.

88 FR 64856

FWS proposed to list the Miami cave crayfish as a threatened species under the ESA, with a rule issued under §4(d) of the Act.

88 FR 63547

FWS proposed updated planning policies for the National Wildlife Refuge System to incorporate landscape conservation plans and consideration of climate change and other anthropogenic forces in refuge management.

88 FR 62725

FWS proposed to list the Quitobaquito tryonia as an endangered species under the ESA, and to designate approximately 6,095 square feet in Arizona as critical habitat for the species.