In re Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC

An EPA administrative law judge ordered a waste disposal services company to pay $57,000 for alleged RCRA violations at its hazardous waste storage and treatment facility in Middlesex, New Jersey. EPA alleged that the company failed to equip waste lines connected to tank systems holding hazardous waste with closure devices, and failed to list in a log kept in the operating records the identification numbers of equipment subject to RCRA air emissions requirements.

In re University of Vermont State and Agricultural College

An EPA administrative law judge ordered a university to pay $20,000 for violating §§3002, 3004, and 3005 of RCRA, the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations, and the hazardous waste facility treatment and storage permit it was issued on November 20, 2012, at its Environmental Research Safety Facility Bio-Research Complex facility in Burlington, Vermont.

In re Sloan Valve Co.

An EPA administrative law judge ordered a plumbing company to pay $630,000 for RCRA violations at its on-site landfill. The judge also ordered the company to refrain from all land disposal of wastes that fail to meet applicable treatment standards, ensure that the hazardous waste treatment process for any waste subject to such standards is effective prior to land disposal, and cease using any hazardous waste container that cannot demonstrate compliance with applicable hazardous waste container management requirements.