Environmental Quality Improvement Act
Official Citation
42 U.S.C. §§4371-4375
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Statute Outline


The statute sets forth a national policy for the enhancement of environmental quality. The primary responsibility for implementing this policy rests with state and local governments, supported and encouraged by the federal government. [EQIA §202]

Office of Environmental Quality

The statute establishes the Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ) within the Executive Office of the President to provide professional and administrative staff to support the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). [EQIA §§203(a), (d)(1)]

The OEQ assists in various administrative and in formational functions concerning environmental quality. [EQIA §203(d)(2)-(7)]

The Chairman of the CEQ shall be the Director of the OEQ, and the President shall appoint a Deputy Director. [EQIA §203(a)] The Director may employ officers and employees to carry out the functions of the Office. [EQIA §203(c)]

The statute authorizes the Director to contract with public and private organizations in carrying out the Director’s functions. [EQIA §203(e)]

Environmental Quality Reports

Environmental Quality Reports required by the National Environmental Policy Act will be referred to each congressional standing committee having jurisdiction over any part of the reports’ subject matter. [EQIA §204]

Full Statute

The statute is available from the U.S. Government Publishing Office: https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCODE-2017-title42/html/USCODE-2017-title42-chap56.htm