Energy Independence and Security Act
Official Citation
42 U.S.C. §17001 et seq.
ELR Citation
ELR STAT. EISA §§101-1601
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Statute Outline

Improved fuel technology

The statute establishes a plug-in electric drive vehicle program to provide grants to carry out projects that encourage the use of plug-in electric drive vehicles and other emerging electric vehicle technologies. [EISA §131(b)]

The statute establishes a near-term transportation sector electrification program to provide grants for the conduct of qualified electric transportation projects. [EISA §131(c)]

The statute establishes a nationwide electric drive transportation technology education program under which the Secretary of Energy shall provide (1) teaching materials to secondary schools and high schools, and (2) assistance for programs relating to electric drive system and component engineering to institutions of higher education. [EISA §131(c)]

The statute establishes an advanced battery loan guarantee program to provide loan guarantees, per the requirements and criteria set forth in the statute, for construction of facilities for the manufacture of advanced vehicle batteries and battery systems that are developed and produced in the United States. [EISA §135]

The statute establishes an advanced technology vehicles manufacturing incentive program that awards facility funding to automobile manufacturers for up to 30% of the cost of reequipping, expanding, or establishing a manufacturing facility to produce qualifying advanced technology vehicles, qualifying components, or ultra efficient vehicles, and the cost of engineering integration of qualifying vehicles, ultra efficient vehicles, and qualifying components. [EISA §136]

Energy security through increased production of biofuels

The statute requires every retail diesel fuel pump to be labeled in a manner that informs consumers of the percent of biomass-based diesel or biodiesel contained in the blend for sale. The Federal Trade Commission shall promulgate biodiesel labeling requirements as set forth in the statute. [EISA §205]

The statute establishes a grant program to encourage production of advanced biofuels. [EISA §207]

The statute awards grants to eligible entities for research, development, demonstration, and commercial application of biofuel production technologies in states with low rates of ethanol production, as determined by the Secretary. [EISA §223]

The statute awards cellulosic ethanol and biofuels research and development grants to eligible entities. [EISA §230]

The statute establishes a university based research and development grant program, in a geographically diverse manner, for projects submitted for consideration by institutions of higher education to conduct research and development of renewable energy technologies. [EISA §234]

The statute establishes a biofuels and biorefinery information center to make available to interested parties information on subject matter identified in the statute. [EISA §229]

The Secretary shall determine and report to Congress annually on the market penetration for flexible-fuel vehicles in use within geographic regions to be established by the Secretary. [EISA §242]

The statute establishes a program for making infrastructure development grants to provide assistance to retail and wholesale motor fuel dealers or other entities for installation, replacement, or conversion of motor fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure to be used exclusively to store and dispense renewable fuel blends, as defined in the statute. [EISA §244]

The head of each federal agency must install at least one renewable fuel pump at each federal fleet fueling center under the jurisdiction of the head of the federal agency. [EISA §246]

The statute establishes a research, development, and demonstration program relating to existing transportation fuel distribution infrastructure and new alternative distribution infrastructure. [EISA §248]

Energy savings in buildings and industry

The Secretary shall establish standards for energy efficiency in manufactured housing, which shall be based, for the most part, on the most recent version of the International Energy Conservation Code. [EISA §413]

The Secretary shall appoint a Commercial Director to establish and manage the Office of Commercial High-Performance Green Buildings, and to carry out other duties as required by the statute. [EISA §421]

The statute establishes the Zero-Net-Energy Commercial Buildings Initiative to reduce the quantity of energy consumed by commercial buildings and to achieve the development of zero net energy commercial buildings. [EISA §422]

The statute prohibits federal agencies from entering into contracts to lease space in buildings that have not earned the Energy Star label in the most recent year, unless an agency meets one of the conditions set forth in the statute. [EISA §435]

The Administrator of General Services shall appoint a Federal Director to establish and manage the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, and carry out other duties as set forth in the statute. [EISA §436]

The statute establishes a program to support, research, develop, and promote the use of new materials processes, technologies, and techniques to optimize energy efficiency and economic competitiveness in industrial and commercial sectors. [EISA §452]

The Commercial Director and Federal Director shall carry out public outreach to inform individuals and entities of the information and services available governmentwide, as set forth in the statute. [EISA §423]

Energy savings in government and public institutions

The statute requires each federal agency to compile and submit an annual government efficiency status report regarding compliance with the statute, the status of its implementation of initiatives to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and savings to taxpayers resulting from mandated improvements under the statute. [EISA §527]

The statute establishes the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program to provide grants to eligible entities. [EISA §542]

Accelerated research and development

The statute establishes a research and development program to provide lower cost and more viable thermal energy storage technology to enable shifting of electric power loads on demands and extend operating time of concentrating solar power electric generating plants. [EISA §602]

The statute establishes a competitive grant program to create and strengthen solar industry workforce training and internship programs in installation, operation, and maintenance of solar energy products. [EISA §604]

Carbon capture and sequestration

The Secretary shall carry out a program to demonstrate technologies for large-scale capture of carbon dioxide from industrial sources. In making awards under the program, the Secretary shall select, as appropriate, a diversity of capture technologies to address the need to capture carbon dioxide from a range of industrial sources. [EISA §703]

The Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shall conduct a research program to address public health, safety, and environmental impacts that may be associated with capture, injection, and sequestration of greenhouse gases in geologic reservoirs. [EISA §707]

Improved management of energy policy

The Administrator of the Energy Information Administration shall consult with state officials and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on a regular basis in establishing guidelines and determining the scope of state-level energy data, and exploring ways to address data needs and serve data uses. [EISA §805]

It is the sense of Congress that agricultural, forestry, and working land should, by January 1, 2025, provide from renewable resources no less than 25 percent of the total energy consumed in the United States and continue to produce safe, abundant, and affordable food, feed, and fiber. [EISA §806]

International energy programs

The Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development shall support policies and programs in developing countries that promote clean and efficient energy technologies. [EISA §911]

The statute establishes the International Clean Energy Foundation to serve the long-term foreign policy and energy security goals of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. [EISA §922]

Smart grid

It is U.S. policy to support modernization of the nation’s electricity transmission and distribution system to maintain a reliable and secure electricity infrastructure that can meet future demand growth and to achieve the characteristics of a smart grid system, as set forth in this statute. [EISA §1301]

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