Weekly Cases Update Volume 49, Issue 8

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Volume 49, Issue 19

ELR 2011118-1028(D.C. Cir., )

The D.C. Circuit dismissed a petroleum refiner's petition to review an EPA document interpreting a portion of the Energy Independence and Security Act that directs the Agency to perform periodic reviews of renewable fuel thresholds for gasoline.

Energy (generally)
ELR 2011318-15(U.S., )

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Auer doctrine, deferring to the Department of Veterans Affairs' interpretation of an ambiguous regulation in a lawsuit concerning disability benefits.

Standard of review, Ā§706(2)
ELR 2011017-16760(9th Cir., )

The Ninth Circuit affirmed a summary judgment for the U.S. Forest Service in a challenge to the Service's designation of at-risk forest lands and its approval of a project aimed to address spreading pine-beetle infestation in previously designated at-risk areas in Tahoe National Forest.

Held not required for
ELR 201122:17-cv-08587-GW-(ASx) and 2:18-cv-06775-GW-(ASx)(C.D. Cal., )

A district court granted environmental groups' motions for summary judgment in a challenge to BLM's 2017 determination that it did not need to authorize a proposed water pipeline project in southern California because the project fell within the scope of a right-of-way granted to a rail


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