Weekly Cases Update Volume 49, Issue 10

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Volume 49, Issue 24

ELR 2013718-1085(D.C. Cir., )

The D.C. Circuit dismissed a challenge to a 2018 EPA memo that interpreted Ā§112 of the CAA to mean that major sources of toxic emissions could reclassify to area sources and thereby ease their regulatory obligations.

"Final agency action" construed
ELR 201401:19-cv-037-BLW(D. Idaho, )

An Idaho district court transferred venue in a challenge to BLM's decision to renew livestock grazing permits for an allotment in northern Utah and to the Interior Board of Land Appeals' (IBLA's) reinstatement of that decision.

Judicial review
ELR 2013918-cv-11227 (PKC)(S.D.N.Y., )

A district court denied environmental groups' motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit seeking FOIA disclosure of an EPA computer model related to its rollback of Obama-era greenhouse gas emission standards for vehicle manufacturers.

Exemption No. 5
ELR 201382:15-cv-0079(S.D. Ga., )

A district court granted a motion for summary judgment in a challenge to EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' 2015 Clean Water Rule. States and industry groups argued the rule violated the CWA by extending the agencies' jurisdiction beyond the limits of the Act.

"Navigable waters" construed