The European Union is planning to impose duties as high as 67.9% on Chinese solar panels to punish manufacturers for selling units below cost. The European Commission plans to introduce the levies by June 6, according to an anonymous commerce official. The duties will average 47.6% and will affect more than 100 Chinese companies. The move is the preliminary outcome of a dumping inquiry that will end in December. The EU is also threatening to impose a second set of duties related to subsidies as part of a second investigation, in which the deadline for provisional anti-subsidy measures is August 8. In December, the EU governments must decide whether to introduce "definitive" duties lasting five years. The move marks the latest development in an ongoing feud between China and the EU over solar subsidies. Last year, China and the EU launched investigations into each other's solar panel trade practices, and in February the EU began registering Chinese panels. For the full story, see and Earlier:,