Electricity retailer Origin Energy said that Australia is likely to overshoot its 2020 renewable energy targets by about six percent due to falling electricity demand and the penetration of household solar systems. Origin called for a change to the target, which will be reviewed this year by the Climate Change Authority. Russell Marsh, policy director for the Clean Energy Council, said that the level of demand for 2020 was unknown, and switching to a more flexible target would not give the certainty needed to drive investment. Though Origin warned a higher share of renewables may lead to higher bills, Greens leader Christine Milne said that renewable energy technologies would bring average prices down, as running costs are lower despite their high up-front costs. The warning comes after two universities released a study indicating that concern for the environment has dwindled into a "middling" issue among Australians, falling behind health, crime, and safety concerns. "What we see in these results is a picture of a relatively conservative society concerned with local issues that influence its members' daily lives," said the study. Concern for a number of environmental issues fell compared with an identical study in 2007, with only logging and habitat destruction remaining among the top 25 issues. For the story on power bills, see For the story on the study, see