Accelerating Clean Energy: A Road Map for Regulatory Reform

February 2024
ELR 10114
Emily Hutchins

This Article analyzes domestic hurdles to renewable energy development, and explores effective regulatory strategies at both the national and state levels to overcome barriers to clean energy transition. Projections indicate that the United States will need to triple its transmission grid capacity by 2050 to achieve decarbonization at the scale promised under the Paris Agreement. The transition faces major obstacles in permitting and siting, with limited transmission access and complex processes effectively obstructing the transition. This Article proposes a comprehensive set of policy choices at all levels of government, drawing inspiration from successful case studies domestically and internationally. By examining the European Union’s approach as a case study, it proposes that the United States adopt comprehensive national policies to tackle the challenges posed by a decentralized permitting system in areas where it retains authority. For state-level challenges, it highlights successfully implemented state-level policies from California, Illinois, and Wisconsin that can be applied more widely to streamline renewable development.

Emily Hutchins is a 2023 graduate of the University of Miami School of Law.

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Accelerating Clean Energy: A Road Map for Regulatory Reform

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