Texas: Water

January 2008
The Texas Water Development Board adopted amendments to Chapter 356, Groundwater Management. The rule amendments and new rules provide clarification, improve grammar and readability, define the processes and procedures associated with Chapter 356, and better align the rules with existing statutory requirements contained in Chapter 36, Water Code, relating to Groundwater Conservation Districts. In particular, the reorganization and expansion of Chapter 356, including the creation of new Subchapters C and D, are adopted by the board to provide a clearer organizational structure for the rules to benefit staff, members of the public, and groundwater conservation districts in their efforts to manage the groundwater resources of the state. The changes also reflect increased opportunity for public participation in the management of those resources. http://www.sos.state.tx.us/texreg/sos/adopted/31.NATURAL%20RESOURCES%20AND%20CONSERVATION.html.