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Catalyzing Sustainable Investment, 51 Env’t L. 1221 (2021)
International and Domestic Legal Regimes for Promoting the Production of Green Cement, 46 Colum. J. Env’t L. 569 (2021)
Dam Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of India: Situating the Case of Mullaperiyar Dam Dispute, 45 Hastings Int’l & Comp. L. Rev. 129 (2022)
To Be or Not to Be: State Extinction Through Climate Change, 51 Env’t L. 1041 (2021)
The Impact of Foresight: Reframing Discriminatory Intent to Properly Remedy Environmental Racism, 59 Hous. L. Rev. 1231 (2022)
To Damn or Not Damn a Dam: Stakeholder Collaboration as a Tool for Dam Management, 46 Wm. & Mary Env’t L. & Pol’y Rev. 71 (2021)
Enhancing the Weather: Governance of Weather Modification Activities in the United States, 46 Wm. & Mary Env’t L. & Pol’y Rev. 149 (2021)
Opportunity Zones: A Program in Search of a Purpose, 102 B.U. L. Rev. 1397 (2022)
A Black-Footed Ferret and U.S. Law: Lessons Learned From the First Successful Clone of a Native U.S. Endangered Species, 23 N.C. J.L. & Tech. 338 (2021)
Zap the Sleeping Giant: Revamping Order 1000 to Facilitate Decarbonization Across the Western United States, 51 Env’t L. 1301 (2021)