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Monty Cooper, AEP v. Connecticut—Global Warming Litigation and Beyond, 41 ELR 10996 (2011)
Read D. Porter and Nina C. Robertson, Tracking Implementation of the Special Need Request Process Under the Plant Protection Act, 41 ELR 11000 (2011)
Katherine A. Abend, Avoiding Water-Intensive Energy Production: How to Keep the Water Running and the Lights On, 41 ELR 11020 (2011)
Elizabeth B. Forsyth, Education for Reenergization: Overcoming Behavioral Barriers to Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector, 41 ELR 11030 (2011)
Brigid R. Landy and Michael B. Reese, Getting to “Yes”: A Proposal for a Statutory Approach to Compulsory Pooling in Pennsylvania, 41 ELR 11044 (2011)
Linda Breggin, James V. Aidala, Wendy Cleland-Hamnett, and Dr. Richard Denison, TSCA Reform: The Standard of Safety, 41 ELR 11081 (2011)
Christopher Dow, Treatment of CERCLA Claims for Hazardous Waste Cleanup Costs in Bankruptcy, 41 ELR 11091 (2011)
Catherine M.H. Keske, How Lawsuits Could Ignite an Energy Market: The Case of Anaerobic Digestion, 41 ELR 11094 (2011)
John-Mark Stensvaag, Preventing Significant Deterioration Under the Clean Air Act: The BACT Determination— Part I, 41 ELR 11101 (2011)
Jon Devine, Joan Mulhern, Jan Goldman-Carter, Jim Murphy, Rebecca Hammer, and Jared Thompson, The Intended Scope of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction, 41 ELR 11118 (2011)