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Leslie Carothers (moderator), Connie Deford, Andy Igrejas, Mark A. Greenwood, and J. Clarence (Terry) Davies, Key Issues for Reform of TSCA, 41 ELR 10873 (2011)
Chuck Knauss, Michael J. Bradley, Robert D. Brenner, John Walke, Understanding the New Air Pollution Rules, 41 ELR 10079 (2011)
John C. Evans and Donald R. van der Vaart, When Maybe Is Good Enough: The Title V Citizen Petition, 41 ELR 10091 (2011)
Nathan Richardson, Art Fraas, and Dallas Burtraw, Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under the Clean Air Act: Structure, Effects, and Implications of a Knowable Pathway, 41 ELR 10098 (2011)
Jessica Fox, Royal C. Gardner, and Todd Maki, Stacking Opportunities and Risks in Environmental Credit Markets, 41 ELR 10121 (2011)
Hannah Chang, Domestic Mitigation of Black Carbon From Diesel Emissions, 41 ELR 10126 (2011)
Jennifer Evans-Cowley and Andrew Canter, Hurricanes, Oil Spills, and Discrimination, Oh My: The Story of the Mississippi Cottage, 41 ELR 10136 (2011)
Bruce Myers (moderator), Donna Downing, Jan Goldman-Carter, Lawrence R. "Larry" Liebesman, and David B. Olson, Assessing Jurisdiction Under the New Clean Water Act Guidance, 41 ELR 10773 (2011)
Charles S. Warren and Toni L. Finger, Courts Shed Light on the Application of CERCLA's Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser Defense, 41 ELR 10790 (2011)
Howard A. Learner, The Supreme Court’s AEP Decision: Snatching Climate Change Solutions Victory From the Jaws of Defeat, 41 ELR 10793 (2011)