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"Recent Journal Literature" lists law review and other legal periodical articles, including ELR articles, that may be relevant to your research. Choose from a list of keywords (on the left) to filter your search. Within subject matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author or title. Links are included to articles published in ELR only.

Wendy E. Wagner, Administrative Law, Filter Failure, and Information Capture, 41 ELR 10732 (2011)
Howard A. Learner, Comments on Administrative Law, Filter Failure, and Information Capture, 41 ELR 10740 (2011)
Heather Hughes, Enabling Investment in Environmental Sustainability, 41 ELR 10745 (2011)
Jingjing Liu, Overview of the Chinese Legal System, 41 ELR 10885 (2011)
Dr. Xuehua Zhang, China’s Environmental Administrative Enforcement System, 41 ELR 10890 (2011)
Adam Moser and Tseming Yang, Environmental Tort Litigation in China, 41 ELR 10895 (2011)
John-Mark Stensvaag, Preventing Significant Deterioration Under the Clean Air Act: The BACT Requirement and BACT Definition, 41 ELR 10902 (2011)
Peter Erlinder, Treaty-Guaranteed Usufructuary Rights: Minnesota v. Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians Ten Years On, 41 ELR 10921 (2011)
William W. Wade, Sources of Regulatory Takings Economic Confusion Subsequent to Penn Central, 41 ELR 10936 ()
Elisabeth A. Holmes and Charlie M. Tebbutt, Power, Politics, and Poison: The Story Behind National Cotton Council of America v. U.S. EPA, 41 ELR 10946 (2011)