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"Recent Journal Literature" lists law review and other legal periodical articles, including ELR articles, that may be relevant to your research. Choose from a list of keywords (on the left) to filter your search. Within subject matter categories, entries are listed alphabetically by author or title. Links are included to articles published in ELR only.

Modernizing International Environmental Law, 32 Geo. Env’t L. Rev. 439 (2020)
Monopolizers of the Soil: The Commons as a Source of Public Trust Responsibilities, 61 Nat. Resources J. 125 (2021)
No Time to Waste: Payment for Urban Environmental Services as a Tool to Support Invisible Recyclers in Brazil, 99 Or. L. Rev. 387 (2021)
Private Property Rights in Captive Breeder Deer: How Wild Are They?, 53 Tex. Tech. L. Rev. 343 (2021)
Public Pollution/Public Solution: A Framework for City-Led Toxic Tort Litigation, 28 N.Y.U. Env’t L.J. 319 (2020)
Regulating Offshore Energy: Europe as a Model for Regulation, 45 N.C. J. Int’l L. 69 (2019)
Reimagining Exceptional Events: Regulating Wildfires Through the Clean Air Act, 96 Wash. L. Rev. 765 (2021)
Robert Brace and the Shifting Sands of the Administrative State, 61 Nat. Resources J. 19 (2021)
Safeguard Reforms at the World Bank? Mutual Accountability or a Race to the Bottom?, 32 Geo. Env’t L. Rev. 599 (2020)
Sink or Swim: Alternatives for Unlocking the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Dispute, 59 Colum. J. Transnat’l L. 65 (2020)