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Joel Burcat (moderator), Elizabeth A. Nolan, Terry Bossert, and Deborah J. Nardone, Nuts and Bolts of Marcellus Shale Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing, 41 ELR 10587 (2011)
Michael Burger, Consistency Conflicts and Federalism Choice: Marine Spatial Planning Beyond the States' Territorial Seas, 41 ELR 10602 (2011)
Stephen Marks, Valuing the Future: Intergenerational Discounting, Its Problems, and a Modest Proposal, 41 ELR 10615 (2011)
Patrick Duggan, Incidental Extinction: How the Endangered Species Act's Incidental Take Permits Fail to Account for Population Loss, 41 ELR 10628 (2011)
Thomas M. Gremillion, Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Compensated Moratoria: Ecuador's Yasuni Initiative and Beyond, 41 ELR 10641 (2011)
Kevin L. Fast, A Troubling Precedent: Implementing the Precautionary Principle to Limit the Role of Science in European Decisionmaking, 41 ELR 10520 (2011)
Jessica N. Schifano, Ken Geiser, and Joel A. Tickner, The Importance of Implementation in Rethinking Chemicals Management Policies: The Toxic Substances Control Act, 41 ELR 10527 (2011)
Mingqing You, Annual Review of Chinese Environmental Law Developments: 2010, 41 ELR 10544 (2011)
Roger Martella (moderator), Michael L. Goo, Susan Dudley, Sally Katzen, and Gary D. Bass, The (Not So) New Executive Order on Regulatory Review, and What to Expect, 41 ELR 10505 (2011)
Alexa Burt Engelman, Against the Wind: Conflict Over Wind Energy Siting, 41 ELR 10549 (2011)