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John Wood, Easier Said Than Done: Displacing Public Nuisance When States Sue for Climate Change Damages , 41 ELR 10316 (2011)
Aamina Islam, The Pakistan Supreme Court’s Use of Suo-Motu Actions in Environmental Cases, 41 ELR 10326 (2011)
Janet E. Milne, Earmarking for Environmental Damage: From Oil Spills to Climate Change, 41 ELR 10334 (2011)
Arnold W. Reitze Jr. and Marie Bradshaw Durrant, State and Regional Control of Geological Carbon Sequestration (Part 1), 41 ELR 10348 (2011)
Jason J. Czarnezki, Everyday Environmentalism: Concerning Consumption, 41 ELR 10374 (2011)
Xiaoyi Jiang, How Do Clean Development Mechanism Projects Contribute to Sustainable Development in China: An Assessment of the Performance of the CDM in China, 41 ELR 10260 (2011)
Peter Jan Honigsberg, Conflict of Interest That Led to the Gulf Oil Disaster, 41 ELR 10414 (2011)
Patrick Del Duca, Management of Environmental Liabilities in Business Transactions, 41 ELR 10419 (2011)
David W. Spohr, Cleaning Up the Rest of Agins: Bringing Coherence to Temporary Takings Jurisprudence and Jettisoning "Extraordinary Delay", 41 ELR 10435 (2011)
Arnold W. Reitze Jr. and Marie Bradshaw Durrant, Control of Geological Carbon Sequestration in the Western United States, 41 ELR 10455 (2011)