Case Names and Citations for Volume 52

Select the Volume Year on the right to view the case names and citations that correspond to ELR citations found in the Subject Matter Indexes. The cases are organized by volume number, ELR--Litigation page numbers are at the left of the table.

Page Citation
20061 Commonwealth v. Exxon Mobil Corp., No. SJC-13211(Mass. May. 2022)
20062 Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility v. National Park Service, No. 19-3629 (RC)(D.D.C. May. 2022)
20063 Alliance for the Wild Rockies v. Gassmann, No. CV 21–105–M–DLC–KLD(D. Mont. May. 2022)
20064 Center for Biological Diversity v. Haaland, No. CV 20-181-M-DWM and CV 20-183-M-DWM(D. Mont. May. 2022)
20065 Louisiana v. Biden, No. 21A658(U.S.. May. 2022)
20066 Milton v. United States, No. 21-1131(Fed. Cir. Jun. 2022)
20067 Environmental Defense Center v. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, No. 19-55526, 19-55707, 19-55708, 19-55718, 19-55725, 19-55727, and 19-55728(9th Cir. Jun. 2022)
20068 Salisbury, North Carolina v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, No. 20-1238(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2022)
20069 Belmont Municipal Light Department v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, No. 19-1224(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2022)
20070 Natural Resources Defense Council v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 20-70787 and 20-70801(9th Cir. Jun. 2022)
20071 Bohon v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, No. 20-5203(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2022)
20072 Diamond Natural Resources Protection & Conservation Ass'n v. Diamond Valley Ranch, LLC, No. 81224(Nev. Jun. 2022)
20073 American Forest Resource Council v. Williams, No. 21-601 (RJL)(D.D.C. Jun. 2022)
20074 Apache Stronghold v. United States, No. 21-15295(9th Cir. Jun. 2022)
20075 Sierra Club v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, No. 20-1427(D.C. Cir. Jun. 2022)