Tokyo Electric Power, the utility that operates the Fukushima nuclear plant, rushed to build new tanks for radioactive water storage after finding contamination that may have leaked from one of its pits. The underground tanks store radioactive water used in the plant's cooling system, and if the leak is confirmed, it will be the third one discovered since April 6. "There are a lot of makeshift fixes. They are walking a tightrope from one jerry-rigged fix to another," said one worker. The utility apologized for the worry the leak has caused, and said that it did not believe the water had reached the ocean. One of Japan's largest newspapers called the plant "a toxic water production facility" in an editorial and urged the government to take a more active role in its shut down. The International Atomic Energy Agency will be visiting the site at the request of the Japanese government to review plans for decommissioning the site, but workers have already filled five out of seven pits with radioactive water and used up to 80 percent of available storage space. For the full story, see and