A recently released Greenpeace report, Amazon's Silent Crisis: Night Terrors, documents illegal logging in protected public forest areas of the Brazilian Amazon. The report also identifies mechanisms by which loggers launder illegal timber and access markets in countries with laws prohibiting the import of illegally harvested timber, including the United States and the EU. Using GPS, Greenpeace activists tracked trucks used to transport illegal timber at night, a tactic that was complemented by the use of satellite imagery to identify areas of illegal logging. The report demonstrates that "loggers routinely submit applications to exploit land that they have no intention to log," applying the credits they receive to timber illegally harvested elsewhere. “Once laundered in this manner, illegal timber becomes indistinguishable from timber that has been harvested legally." The report was expected to lead to government raids on illegal logging facilities. In the words of one anonymous person involved in the investigation, “even with fear, we wanted to expose that official papers are worth nothing in proving the legality of Amazon timber." For the full story, see  and