On December 14, 2016, the European Parliament delayed a vote on limits to car pollution. The proposal is supported by automakers whereas environmentalists are pushing for the enactment of tougher rules. Parliament members disagreed over whether to seek tougher pollution limits even if that would result in a delay in the vote. The limits, as currently set, would permit cars to continue emitting more than twice the official limits on nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, which can cause respiratory illness and premature death. The proposal attempts to curb toxic discharges but, even after five years, it would continue to allow NOx rates at 50% more than the legal ceiling. The center-right European People’s Party argues that rejecting the proposal would delay changes to old, less stringent regulations, which stalls the automotive industry from making adjustments and investing in green technologies. Environmentally friendly politicians criticized the delay as well, explaining that it is an effort to derail toughening the rules. For the full story, see