European coal power causes 22,300 premature deaths a year and costs government and companies billions in health costs, according to a new study. The study also suggests that an additional 2,700 people can be expected to die prematurely each year due to 50 planned new coal fired power plants. Analysis of emissions shows that coal is linked to as many or more deaths than road accidents in many countries, and in 2010 Europe lost 240,000 "life years" as a result of coal-related air pollution. EU's 300 coal-fired power plants produce around a quarter of total power but are responsible for 70 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions and 40 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions. "The results are staggering. The only way to eliminate the health impacts associated with burning coal in Europe is to phase out these dirty power plants and replace them with clean renewable energy," said a Greenpeace spokesperson. For the full story, see